Businesses are looking for answers…

It’s never been easier to get a quick answer these days.  A Google search will provide an answer, but often you can’t find a solution on-line.

We provide Simply Better IT.  It’s not just a tagline… our goal is to bridge that gap between the promise of technology and its value.

The secret to bridging that gap for our clients is a team approach in 4 areas:


We assess a client’s IT, from a tactical or strategic perspective (and sometimes both).  To do this, we combine forces from our teams of industry experts (healthcare or manufacturing), Enterprise Architects that look holistically at solutions like datacenter/cloud or unified communications, and SMEs address specific pieces of these solutions.

For example: contact center scripting, or how a storage subsystem is configured.


Once our client makes a decision, we want to make acquiring the technology from us as easy and as straight forward as possible.  Again, it’s easy to order parts on-line, but in order to help our clients acquire complex solutions, we use a teach approach.  There’s our inside support desk that maximizes pricing incentives for our clients while validating the technical design.  Our clients get a dedicated maintenance specialist to help manage manufacturer maintenance and licensing requirements.  And, finally, DPS is financially strong with no debt, which gives our clients piece of mind.


The next area is implement.  Simply put, our goal is ‘no surprises’.  It was Abe Lincoln who said that if you spend 8 hours cutting down a tree, 6 of those should be sharpening the ax.  And, that is our philosophy around implementation.  We use our team approach to produce detailed project plans and Scope of Works in order to ensure a successful outcome.


The final step is manage.  Operating or managing  IT is not a one-time event.  The speed and complexities of IT cannot disrupt uptime.  Our clients rely on it.  And, that is why we have a 24x7x365 service desk, proven monitoring/management processes, and strategic IT management resources.  We deliver managed IT in financial services, education, manufacturing, with a significant presence in healthcare.  Managing IT and making it a strategic asset is important to a number of medical practices and health systems across the country that we work with, such a cardiology in Phoenix, Orthopaedic in Chicago, and Community Health in Pennsylvania.

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