Telecom Expense Management

Proactively managing fixed and mobile environments

Every time a device or service is added to an organization’s telecommunications environment there is a distinct possibility that cost has been unnecessarily added to the business, not based upon theft or mismanagement,  but because of the sheer complexity of provisioning telecommunications capabilities today.

Was the service ordered properly…in line with your latest pricing terms?  Were additional services included outside of company policy?  Was another item removed from the billing inventory to offset the new device or service?  The list goes on and on.

And while rates have been decreasing in proportion to the increased bandwidth and services options provided by telecommunication carriers, many companies have not fully realized all of the savings they could add to the bottom line based upon the challenges with managing telecom expenses.

DPSciences provides solutions from Movero that help enterprises effectively manage fixed and mobile communications expenses and other business processes.  These include telecom expense management, mobile device management and client support services that provide enterprises control and visibility into all areas of communication expenses while lowering costs.

Telecom Expense Management

• Provides tiered visibility into communications spend

• Organizes, analyzes, optimizes telecom expenses

• Consolidates data from multiple carriers

• Improves management over usage & expenses

• Improves decision making

• Reduces costs while gaining efficiencies

• Simplifies budgeting, forecasting and planning