Telecommunications Specialists

Connecting resources and business requirements

Today, business is highly dependent on fast, reliable connectivity.   It’s the common denominator when it comes to ever increasing data, voice and video requirements, remote back up & recovery and a mobile, BYOD enabled workforce accessing remote applications across private, public or hybrid cloud architectures.

The good news is that there are many options available today for large amounts of flexible, cost effective bandwidth.  The challenge?  Designing the right combination of services and then provisioning those services efficiently and cost effectively with minimal interruption to your business.

Experience and expertise

For over two decades DPSciences has been architecting enterprise-class telecommunications solutions for our clients.  We understand how telecom services are designed, priced and provisioned, and we understand the mission-critical nature of your business’ connectivity needs.   We deliver client-centric telecom solutions, defined and designed with your ultimate business objectives in mind – delivering value to your customers and investors.

Q. Why should I engage DPS to assist with my telecom needs?

A:  With our knowledge and experience we minimize your risk in selecting connectivity options.  Not only can we augment your staff in the decision process of selecting the right cloud provider for your applications and environment, we can also provide you with a team of motivated, knowledgeable individuals for the implementation.  The result?  Your organization can enjoy a smooth transition in your environment with shortened implementation timeframes.

Q. How specifically can you help my team in telecom?

A:   We provide a consistent and reliable carrier interface to our clients.  We not only understand the underlying technology side of telecommunications and the nuances between the latest evolution of cloud offerings in the market, but we also understand the contract side—those critical language clauses that can protect your investment and mitigate your transition risks.  Our goal is for you to have no surprises.