A Team of experts

Cisco SMARTnet Services

Many clients struggle today with vendor maintenance contracts and license agreements, one of the best examples is Cisco SMARTnet.  They simply don’t know where to turn for help.  Often these clients are approached to move their maintenance contracts over to another reseller.  After switching, the clients find out that the new reseller didn’t simplify anything, they just moved the contract clutter over to a portal… The chaos remains.

At DPSciences, we specialize in cleaning up contract clutter

We’ve been doing that for over a decade.  We make maintenance contracts simply better.  By consolidating multiple contracts, across multiple vendors, into a single agreement with a single expiration date, we drastically reduce the pain and cost typically associated with maintenance contracts.  We then apply our human touch, which is our dedicated team of experts which will manage and maintain all of those important details that make up maintenance contract, further simplifying our clients’ experience.

Why DPS is your best Cisco SMARTnet Partner