It’s a dynamic process…not a snap shot in time

DPSciences Vendor Maintenance

Have you ever had difficulty initiating support from one of your vendors when you needed it most?  Has it happened at the worst possible time…when you’re down and your business is being impacted?

Often the reason has little to do with your vendor; they just don’t have the proper information.  It might be that equipment was added or moved from one location to another based upon business requirements but the proper information – serial number, model, location, etc. was never updated.

This is common especially when organizations attempt to manage their own vendor maintenance.  Technical resources are too busy to update records after moving devices to resolve a down condition.  Or the snap shot of your inventory that was loaded into a portal is no longer a valid picture of your current network environment.

DPSciences provides a simply better way to manage vendor maintenance.  It’s a continuous multi step process that assures that your key manufacturer agreements accurately reflect where you are at any given moment.

Step One

Assess, research and validation

Step Two

Review Support Options

Step Three

Present financial alternatives

Step Four

Order maintenance or software licenses

Step Five

Continually track and manage life cycle moves, adds and changes

Step Six

Advance Notification for renewals

Ultimately our goal is to reduce the time you spend managing relationships, contracts and doing research to support your multiple vendor maintenance agreements.

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