Planning and execution are the keys to success

Implementation Support Services

Our DPS Implementation services offer our clients flexibility and choices to help deliver simply better IT projects.

We’ve learned that the key to successful projects is detailed scopes of work and detailed project plans.  With simply better IT ,our goal is ‘no surprises’,  and although there’s bound to be a challenge or two along the way, our goal is to minimize the number and impact through proper planning up front.

It all starts with our team approach.  Our team of Enterprise Architects and Principal Engineers develop the scopes and project plans up front.  We have dedicated Project Managers and Project Engineers on each project as well as a team of Carrier Provisioning Specialists when we are managing the carrier connectivity as a part of the project.

These are skilled / trained / certified resources that design, install, integrate, operate and manage the solutions you need for your business requirements.  These services are a la cart, so can be purchased to fit your business requirements.

Our implementation resources consist of 3 groups:

  • Our Enterprise Architects help match the proper technology solution to your business requirements.
  • Our Principal Engineers support both you and our Architects and have a deeper technical knowledge on specific solutions.  This helps confirm the validity of the overall solution and to meet the desired outcomes.
  • Our Project Engineers help deliver your solution, by doing the both the physical and virtual work as required.

Too often organizations have embarked upon IT initiatives to better their organizations only to end up with problems, delays and unmet expectations along the way because of the complexity and challenges of implementing technology.

Ultimately with our project and implementation services, our goal is to make IT simply better for our clients…to bridge the gap between the promise of technology and the value…between the investment and the results.