IT Support as a Service

DPSciences Support Services

In much the same way that cloud computing has created new support and deployment models for software and computing  infrastructures, DPSciences IT Support Services extend an organization’s capabilities by leveraging on-demand, elastic, remote tools and expertise to support our clients around the clock with managed services offerings as well as project implementations .

According to InfoWorld, “Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet”.  The ultimate goal of cloud services is increased agility and speed to market by offloading the complexity and operational hassle of non strategic elements to another organization.

That holds true for our IT Support Services as well.

Simply better IT has always been about managing technology for our clients, off loading complexity so they can focus on running their business.  It’s not about the technology; it’s about your business.

Our IT Support Services combine the best tools, technical expertise and support with advanced cloud delivery capabilities that provide:

Agility – Like cloud services, DPS IT Support Services dynamically scales to meet the needs of our clients.  As an on demand service it is elastic – our clients can increase or decrease support levels based on the needs of the business.  It allows our clients to have as much support capacity as is needed, and bring more online as soon as required.

Better use of IT Budgets and personnel – By leveraging DPS maintenance and support services clients are able to reallocate their own IT personnel to focus on other IT goals.  Valuable resources are freed up to focus on other areas more critical to the business instead of just maintaining hardware and software, and support costs become more predictable from a budgeting standpoint.

Access to advanced technical capabilities – Much like cloud services from Amazon and IBM allow companies to reach out for additional capability to satisfy peak load requirements, clients can call upon our subject matter experts when additional levels of expertise are required to implement technology or resolve an issue.

7 x 24 Support Capabilities – Many organizations simply do not have the budget to extend their IT support with real time 7 x 24 capabilities – people and tools to support their organizations.  DPS cloud based IT Support Services provide around the clock support resources from support desk problem resolution to advanced trouble shooting.

Ultimately cloud based services are all about extending an organization’s capabilities by leveraging a more efficient service delivery model.  In summary – DPS Cloud Based IT Support Services provide simply better IT support.