It has to be fast, reliable and secure

Network Infrastructure is the essential connecting fabric of business

The one common denominator for all of an organization’s IT capabilities and business enhancing applications is the network.

If it’s sized probably, if Quality of Service has been enabled correctly, if security has been designed up front versus an afterthought, the biggest compliment is that you don’t even know it’s there.  If not, it can place a rather large speed bump in your company’s operations…and everybody may be impacted.

Today’s leading business enhancing technologies make the network more critical than ever before.  With VOIP all of your organization’s voice traffic rides across the network.  With unified computing architectures consolidating your data center, the network becomes the critical access point for all of your data connectivity.  And with business video, the speed and consistency of the network will determine much of the user experience and satisfaction.

Fortunately, with DPSciences network infrastructure solutions from Cisco Systems, the leading network technology company in the world, we deliver fast, effective, reliable and secure network connectivity to our clients.  Our solutions provide the connecting fabric between our client’s data center, premise based or hosted, remote locations, suppliers and business partners. Coupled with our Telecom knowledge and experience we provide a seamless infrastructure whether over a private network, the public Internet or an IP enabled MPLS or SIP network.

From core switching, routing and wireless – to network performance and Quality of Service – DPS designs, implements and supports our client’s networks to the exacting demands of today’s business environment.