It’s all about business continuity

Fast, reliable recovery is the reason for data backup

The explosive growth of data has created a major challenge as well as potential liability around storage retention and retrieval for every organization.  Data is a key asset.  How it is stored, secured, and protected are of paramount concern.

Legacy backup solutions – tape, disk to disk, etc., are simply not up to the task because business recovery is not just about getting a copy of data off site – that’s the easy part.  The most important objective of any backup strategy is how quickly and reliably an organization can recover from the loss of data.

In addition, traditional methods of back up are also becoming less economical given the projected growth of data, a 50x rate over the next 10 years.  Traditional backups can consume 5-10x more capacity than the data that’s being protected and studies have shown that traditional backup is only 80 percent successful…recovery just 70 percent.

DPSciences provides backup and recovery solutions from EMC that are now more of ‘must have’ than a ‘like to have’ when it comes to economically and reliably storing & protecting data and recovering from a loss.

These solutions give organizations better visibility and control of the storage, backup and restoration of their data.  EMC backup and recovery solutions include centralized reporting, backup policy management, cataloging & indexing, as well as storage management tools – deduplication, replication, encryption and archiving for long term retention.