Bring your own device

A Simply Better Idea

It’s hard to image life without an Apple iPhone/iPad, Samsung Galaxy Android device, a Kindle thrown in for good measure.  Check an email while running an errand, check the internet for a critical piece of information walking into a presentation, setting up a 3 way call to get an important decision made before a noon meeting.

Imagine if a company’s IT department had to design, fund and build a business tool that delivered that much efficiency and productivity from scratch?

Initially the consumerization of IT – employees bringing personal mobile devices and tablets into an organization, often through the ‘back door’ – caused a great deal of consternation on the part of IT.  The early response was to just say’ no’.

Today the answer is far more often ‘yes’, but to do so securely with a planned deployment model (versus accidental adoption) that allows employees to safely work and have access to business data anytime and any place.

BYOD is now viewed in many organizations as one of the best business enhancing initiatives to come along in years.  Users get the features they want, that are imperative to doing business in today’s competitive, fast paced environment.  IT gives up some control of the end points by letting employees decide their personal device preferences, but with that offloads much of the support, cost, hassle and R&D.

Productivity is at an all time high, work hours are even increasing because it’s easier to be connected 7 x 24. Workers often invest in their own resources to acquire and learn to use popular consumer technologies that increase their efficiency and effectiveness at work.   They even enjoy doing it.  What’s not to like?

The results are in – BYOD is Simply Better IT.

But to fully realize the advantages and minimize exposure and risk, organizations must approach BYOD with their eyes wide open, properly planning upfront to establish policies and procedures to manage consumer devices operating in the enterprise workplace.

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