About Us

For over 50 years DPSciences has earned a reputation for building and managing critical business environments. Today we design and support flexible technology solutions around data center consolidation, collaboration, storage, networking, security, mobility, telecom as well as cloud based and managed services.

Our goal is to make IT simply better for our clients…to bridge the gap between the promise of technology and the value…between the investment and the results. Our target…reducing complexity and eliminating road blocks by helping to make IT easier to assess, acquire, implement and manage for our clients.

Located in 12 cities across the United States, DPSciences supports a wide range of clients in the areas of finance, manufacturing, retail, education, and healthcare. We are committed to helping organizations focus on core efficiencies and competitive strengths – adaptability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. In short we help our clients achieve objectives through the intelligent application of technology.

Today the value of technology is often one part innovation, two parts implementation & support.

DPS is a Cisco Gold Partner and a top partner of many of the technology solutions we represent.  We provide pre and post implementation support to help our clients build solutions that enhance performance and capabilities while maximizing their investment in existing technology.

DPSciences helps make IT simply better. Regardless of where you are today, our goal is to help clients regain the advantage so that technology is both the competitor edge and the answer to your organization’s most aggressive goals and initiatives.